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Custom Sport Cards

Special News >> Custom Sports Cards -

You can now purchase customised sports cards with the shots you love as well as player stats and other info. Please send us a message if you are interested in these and we can send you further details. click on the image and contact us for more information!

Once I take the photos, my work does not stop there. I spend hours afterwards ensuring you have the best quality images.

For sport photos, I try to capture images of all players, but that is not always possible. One way to increase the odds of your child being captured is to let me know you are interested in purchasing action images of your son/daughter, highlighting their player number and any other obvious identification.

If you purchase any sport, dance or school photos, if you book a family portrait session within three months of your purchase you will receive 15% off for the portrait session. Please contact us if you would like to make a booking.

Please email us at paul@smashingpanda.com if you have any questions, comments or special requests regarding the photos or the site.


Good photography is NOT free.

A camera does not take great pictures. It's the person behind the camera that has the learned skills to see the light, compose the image and set up the story.

You may think you are paying for an hour shoot, but good photographers will work for many hours after the photos are taken, behind the scenes in post production. Working on your digital negatives to create lasting memories.

This is done with equipment and editing programs that can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention many hours of continuous learning of the art of photography.

If a good photographer takes photos for you please value their work.

This photographer values his work.

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